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Re: What drive is the dir on ?

On 08-Jul-2000 Charlie Kroeger wrote:
>>If you're running a recent 2.2.x kernel and you still have one
>>of those partitions empty, 
> Does this mean the 2.2 kernel isn't confined to the 8gig limit of the
> earlier generations?

What ??? 8 GB limit in the kernel ? Huh..
The 8 GB limit applies only to (mostly real mode) applications that are using
the BIOS INT13 interface for hard disk access. Since the linux kernel
communicates directly with the HD controller, there's no such limitation. The 8
GB problem is mostly a problem for boot-loaders (eg. lilo), beacuse they have to
use the bios to load the kernel (so the kernel must be under 8g). Recent
versions of lilo however can access the HD beyond 8 GB too.

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