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Re: Database program

The spreadsheet "tsiag" the console version of siag spreadsheet from
the Siag Office Suite might fit your needs, I use it for my bookkeeping
applications.  It will save your data in a variety of formats and
has minimal memory needs.
	A simple but fast database I use is NoSql, a flat
file database which saves data in a tab delimited text file.  Your
data can be edited with a text editor.
hope this helps

On Sat, Jul 08, 2000 at 09:35:29AM -0400, henrymar@gpc.peachnet.edu wrote:
> I'm looking for some sort of database or spreadsheet application to use 
> as a personal filing system.  I'll be organising a lot of different 
> things that I own and so I anticipate that the file may become extremely 
> large.  I'm running debian on an Intel 486 with 16mg RAM.  I worried that 
> if I don't get a good program that can handle a large file I may run into 
> memory problems.  This may not be a problem since when I installed debian 
> I made a 64mg swap partition.  I'm not sure.  
> Can anyone suggest a program, preferably one that does not run on X?  I 
> just want a plain text based app that gracefully deals with low memory.
> Thanks in advance
> M.Henry

Mike Thompson

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