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RE: Debian Printing

I did the stop and start as you suggested and got replies that lpd was
stopped and started.  I do not know what you mean by "You did put printer
support in the kernel or a kernel module, right?"  My understanding is that
I am using modules and I added the lp module with modconfig.  Is there
another "printer" module that needs added?  I see a "parport" and a
"parport_pc" under misc where the lp module is.  And, there is a line "alias
parport_lowlevel parport_pc" in the /etc/conf.modules file.

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You should not need to reboot.  I just restart my print spooler:

/etc/init.d/lprng stop
/etc/init.d/lprng start

I believe there is also a '/etc/init.d/lprng restart' but I am not
sure.  You might be using a different print spooler that I use.

You did put printer support in the kernel or a kernel module, right?


On 08-Jul-2000 16:01:37 R. D. Loga wrote:

> /dev/lp0" or
> "lpr /etc/printcap"  I get no response and nothing printed.  Do I
> have to
> reboot again?  When I do "lpc status", I get a one line response
> with a
> printer name of lp@hostname and it says printing and spooling is
> enabled.
> When I do "lpd" I get "fatal error, another printer spooler is
> using TCP
> printer port, possibly lpd process '491'".

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