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DriveReady SeekComplete Error

Dear Debian users,

I am running Debian 2.2 and kernel 2.2.15 on a Pentium II 266, 128MB.

My 3 hard disks are reported at boot time as follows:

hda: Maxtor 90430D3, 4028MB w/256kB Cache, CHS=1023/128/63, UDMA
hdb: QUANTUM FIREBALL_TM3200A, 3067MB w/76kB Cache, CHS=779/128/63, DMA
hdc: FUJITSU MPE3136AT, 13031MB w/512kB Cache, CHS=26476/16/63, UDMA

At present, Debian/GNU-Linux is on hdb and on hda I have windows.
The Fujitsu disk is my newest addition to the box. I am planing to move
Linux to this new 13GB environment. Unfortunately, I am not being able
to use the new disk!!

What is happening is that, already at the boot time, I get the
following message during the partition check:

 Partition check:
 hda: hda1
 hdb: hdb1 hdb2 < hdb5 hdb6 hdb7 hdb8 hdb9 >
 hdc:hdc: dma_intr: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
 hdc: dma_intr: error=0x40 { UncorrectableError }, LBAsect=0, sector=0
 end_request: I/O error, dev 16:00 (hdc), sector 0
 unable to read partition table    

If I try to use fdisk, the following is produced

brandt:/proc/ide/ide0/hda# fdisk /dev/hdc
Unable to read /dev/hdc 

At first I though that perhaps the disk was damaged. However, I have
booted windows and partioned and formated it, whitout any problems.
Then when I boot Linux again, I get the same DriveReady SeekComplete
Error message.

I know that there are some documentation at
/usr/src/linux/Documentation/ide.txt, but that did not help me very
much (mainly because of my lack of understanding).

Could anyone please help me to solve this problem?

Thank you very much,


PS - What follows is some extra information from /proc/ide/hdc

brandt:~# cat /proc/ide/hdc/cache

brandt:~# cat /proc/ide/hdc/driver
ide-disk version 1.08

brandt:~# cat /proc/ide/hdc/model

brandt:~# cat /proc/ide/hdc/capacity

brandt:~# cat /proc/ide/hdc/geometry
physical     16383/16/63
logical      26476/16/63

brandt:~# cat /proc/ide/hdc/media

brandt:~# cat /proc/ide/hdc/settings
name                    value           min             max
----                    -----           ---             ---
bios_cyl                26476           0               65535           rw
bios_head               16              0               255             rw
bios_sect               63              0               63              rw
breada_readahead        4               0               127             rw
bswap                   0               0               1               r
file_readahead          124             0               2097151         rw
io_32bit                0               0               3               rw
keepsettings            0               0               1               rw
max_kb_per_request      64              1               127             rw
multcount               0               0               8               rw
nice1                   1               0               1               rw
nowerr                  0               0               1               rw
pio_mode                write-only      0               255             w
slow                    0               0               1               rw
unmaskirq               0               0               1               rw
using_dma               1               0               1               rw 

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