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Re: Soundblaster and a Firewall

Peter O said:
> I installed Corel Linux and would like to install Soundblaster drivers
> so I can play my CD Roms.  Anyone know where to get the drivers?
> I would also Like to set up a firewall, anyone know where to get the
> software?

Grab some kernel source and rebuild it with support for your sound card and
IP firewalling.  For more detailed information, read the Sound-HOWTO and
Firewall-HOWTO, both of which are in the doc-linux-html and doc-linux-text
packages (depending on whether you prefer HTML or plain text) or can be
turned up pretty easily with a web search.  (I'd recommend installing one of
the doc packages, though - there are a _lot_ of HOWTOs, all packed with good
information, so you'll probably want them as close and easily found as

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