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Re: Pb with dselect/dpkg

This was posted to the wrong list, redirecting.

Benoit NOSS wrote:
> In the installation process of the Debian 2.1 distribution, I missed an
> important step : I did something wrong and I could not choose an
> installation profile. I have a base system working. Can I use dselect
> with an option or something equivalent with dpkg in a shell to install
> with a profile or do I have to install the rest of my system package
> by package with deselect?
> Thank you in advance

For debian 2.1, no, you cannot.

For debian frozen, yes you can. If you want to upgrade to frozen, which
is quite usable now, you can then "apt-get install tasksel; tasksel",
and choose from the list. The profiles have changed some though.

see shy jo

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