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Re: Does kernel-source 2.2.15-3 include latest ac patches?

On Wed, 14 Jun 2000, Paulo J. da Silva e Silva wrote:
> Didn't 2.2.16 appear to solve some security bugs of 2.2.15? If this is the
> case, even if the patches applied to 2.2.15 actually close those security
> bugs, wouldn't 2.2.15 give an impression of lack of security?

The real problem with 2.2.15+security patches is the VM under heavy load:
the kernel goes amok and starts killing tasks right and left.  2.2.16 is
reportedly much better on that regard, at least from what I could get in a
few threads from the kernel mailing list.

So you really should update to either 2.2.16+Alan's combo errata patch (or
2.2.17-pre1, which is a fully errata-patched and cleaned-up 2.2.16 without
any other major modifications) if your machine sees some heavy load
occasionally (if it was under constant heavy load, you'd have done it
already :-) ).

As for Debian, we're in the second test cicle. Maybe if there is a third
cycle for some reason, a kernel update to 2.2.17-pre1 might be considered...
I personally don't think 2.2.15 with the security patches is so bad that it
deserves causing a third test cycle, and apparently the kernel maintainer

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