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Re: esound (woody) broken?

:: On Mon, 12 Jun 2000 11:46:08 -0400, Thomas Hood <thood@mailexcite.com> said:

> GNOME plays sounds through esd.  If esd is not running,
> and sound is enabled in GNOME, and an app issues a sound, then
> GNOME pauses or hangs up.  So one wants esd to be running.

Well, I have a different problem. Whenever I use the OSS driver, all
goes well. Xmms, "play", and my CD-player all work perfectly. But when
I try to use esd... Well, it plays 1 second and then repeats that
second again and again, until I kill esd.

> I had a problem getting esd running.  After a day of tinkering
> I discovered that the problem was that my loopback device was
> not configured.  The solution was to do "ifconfig lo".

I think that's not my problem, since I was using a SoundBlaster one
week ago, and esd was working with it...

Anyway, I decided to buy a SoundBlaster. Is anyone interested in my
Ensoniq sound card (which doesn't work with esound, but, well, it's
still useful...) :-)

> Thomas Hood


Jeronimo Pellegrini
Institute of Computing - Unicamp - Brazil
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