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Re: off-topic

john smith wrote:
> ... if software from os/2 can be ported to linux.

Basically, any software can be ported.  If you can
get the source code...

> I know that os/2
> can use enlightenment, etc so that means the libraries used are not much
> different to linux??? (i'm guessing here...)

The libraries may have similarities (will have: windowing systems are
windowing systems), but there are different names for similar functions,
at the least.  A porter will have to know what functions in what
X/V/LessTiff/Gnome/KDE/whatevertoolkit do the same things as the
functions called in OS/2.  Not to mention if there are any basic
differences in the message-passing/event-handling system, and
how to translate/reformulate.

> or maybe if it cannot be ported maybe there is an emulator around?

I'm not aware of an OS/2 emulator similar to the Wine and FreeDOS
implementations.  But like I said, _anything_ can be ported: just
takes lots of learning and work  :{)

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