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Re: umask

Andrew McRobert wrote:
> hi all
> When a user creates a new directory/file in their home directory, the setuid
> bit is always set for group members, ie.
> drwxr-sr-x
> umask = 022, what do I need to set it to, for new files to = drwxr-xr-x ...
> and is this ok security-wise ... the execute bit?
> thanks
> Andrew

I'm not very good with numeric file modes.  I usually use symbolic but I
think the permissions you want would be 755.  Assuming that is correct
you subtract that number from 777 to get the unmask number--
777-755=22 so the unmask value would be 022 which is what it already
is.  Maybe I have the file mode wrong or something but maybe this will
give you enough to figure out what you want.  I have no idea about the
security of the permissions.

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