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On Fri, Jun 09, 2000 at 12:04:26AM +0000, Joseph de los Santos wrote:
> thanks but that didn't seem to work. I still can't see it in my 
> ld_library_path using ldd /bin/bash.

OK, you don't want LD_LIBRARY_PATH for that.  You want LD_PRELOAD.

              A  whitespace-separated  list  of additional, user-
              specified, ELF shared libraries to be loaded before
              all  others.  This can be used to selectively over­
              ride functions  in  other  shared  libraries.   For
              setuid/setgid  ELF  binaries, only libraries in the
              standard search directories that  are  also  setgid
              will be loaded.

Or if you want to do it globally, you can create/edit

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