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RE: How to find a package containing a given executable

$ dpkg -S papersize
libpaperg: /usr/man/man5/papersize.5.gz
libpaperg: /usr/man/man3/systempapersizefile.3paper.gz
libpaperg: /usr/man/man3/defaultpapersizefile.3paper.gz

$ zgrep '/etc/papersize' /usr/man/man*/*gz 2>/dev/null
/usr/man/man1/paperconf.1.gz:.B /etc/papersize
/usr/man/man1/paperconf.1.gz:.B /etc/papersize
/usr/man/man3/systempapername.3paper.gz:.B /etc/papersize
/usr/man/man8/paperconfig.8.gz:.B /etc/papersize
/usr/man/man8/paperconfig.8.gz:.B /etc/papersize
/usr/man/man8/paperconfig.8.gz:.B /etc/papersize

$ man -k papersize
defaultpapersizefile (3paper) - return names for managing system paper information
papersize (5)        - specify preferred paper size
systempapersizefile (3paper) - return names for managing system paper information

These methods get you pretty close, if not exactly being scientific


Moore, Paul writes:
 > From: William F. Dowling [mailto:william.dowling@isinet.com]
 > > 
 > > I do this from cron every night:
 > > 
 > > #! /bin/bash
 > > cd /usr/local/fromDebian
 > > DEBIAN=ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists
 > > wget -o LOG-unstable-contents $DEBIAN/unstable/Contents-i386.gz
 > > mv Contents-i386.gz Contents.unstable.gz
 > > 
 > > Then I could do
 > > 	zgrep gvim /usr/local/fromDebian/Contents.unstable.gz
 > > or the like to answer the question "where does gvim come from?"
 > Thanks for the tip - this does just what I want. Actually, I have a potato
 > CD, which has the Contents file on, so I can do this offline, as well.
 > Just one other question - I had a problem yesterday with /etc/papersize not
 > being found. Searching the Contents file got me nowhere, nor did dpkg -S
 > /etc/papersize on a system with it installed. It turns out that
 > /etc/papersize is a configuration file for libpaperg, and as such it wasn't
 > in the list of files installed. How would I find out where this comes from?
 > Thanks again,
 > Paul.

William F. Dowling
Institute for Scientific Information
215-386-0100 x-1156

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