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Re: Notice: GR to remove non-free support from Debian

> Intense debate is already under way.  Whether you are for and against
> the resolution, let your voice be heard.

I find these ideological debates useless and a great waste of resources.
It would be much more productive to do some real work like releasing
potato, including security fixes for bind, sendmail, kernel 2.2.16, ...

Anyway, if this resolution is passed, I will consider switching to another
distribution. I have to maintain 11 Debian machines, and even so spend
quite some time on proper configuration. Before such a move, I would like
some informed suggestions about possible alternatives: Suse, Mandrake,
Slackware, ... ? My main priorities are: 1) stability, 2) security, 3) smooth
upgrade, 4) easy configuration, 5) not necessarily bleeding edge.
In short: Debian +easier configuration -ideology -:)

-Igor Mozetic

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