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Re: Kernel

Nagu Sittampalam wrote:
> Hello
> Anybody running Kernel 2.2.16 with Debian Linux 2.1. I am thinking of
> moving to this due to the bug in sendmail which is fixed in kernel 2.2.16. Just
> want to know if there are things worth knowing before implementing.

I just upgrade due to bug and since now i got into 3 problems:

Netscape 4.73 often report "Error running out of memory"
I'd to reboot twice or three times before X started to work again
fetchmail demonized not always fetchmail also if there mails in variuos

Since I installed 3 hours ago i'm still not able to find the problem,
but in kernel mailing list there're already some patches about 2.2.16.
I suggest you to wait 2 or 3 days maybe a .17 will be released soon.


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