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Re: Where is Xdefaults? (new to X tweaking)

Vitux wrote:
> Hi debs
> I thought .Xdefaults was supposed to be in /etc/X11/yadayada,
> but I can't seem to locate it. Do I make this file myself? (I
> *am* using the -a option with ls...)
> Running potato, 2.2.14, Afterstep or fvwm.
> Regards
> Vitux
I assume that you are trying to edit this for Netscape as I saw a post
to my original query about editing the ToolBars in Netscape. I have
discovered that I also do not have this file "anywhere" on my system. A
thorough search found only this file as part of Emacs "sample.Xdefaults"
I am using the Netscape tarball from their website. I was wondering if
those of you who had earlier suggested this procedure for editing the
Toolbars are using that Netscape or the installation .debs from Debian.
Is this a file that I can create and if so where to put it in my
installation. Pure Potato! Thanks.
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