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Re: Video problems during 2.2 install

Larry Elmore wrote:
> > On Sat, Jun 03, 2000 at 06:30:59PM -0600, Larry Elmore wrote:
> > > I have a 20" fixed-freq monitor that uses a special Permedia2 video
> > > card. It works fine except for some DOS games that like > 640x480
> > > resolution (like Harpoon 2 -- it doesn't _require_ higher res, but
> > > it's a whole _lot_ nicer with it).
> > >
> There's some weird things going on with my BIOS, I guess. I've got an old
> AT&T Globalyst pusrchased one week before they dropped out of the PC
> business. It's been upgraded to the last available BIOS (as has the UDMA and
> CD-RW drive), but there's something strange going on in there.
> I eventually ended up borrowing a 15" monitor and got Debian installed using
> that, then putting the new video card and 20" monitor back, and I'm now
> struggling to get X to work (if you don't pass the right command-line
> arguments to XF86Setup, the display dies (and dies for all virtual consoles,
> too)).
> Thanks to all for the informative responses to my question.
> Larry
> --
Just a tip: I've had *much* success using xf86config instead
XF86Setup. Text-based, it will run on any system that can
display anything at all. Quite convenient using strange 2nd
hand hardware ;-)
Good Luck

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