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RE: Freeze on supend in text mode

On 07-Jun-2000 Dominique Rousset wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm running up-to-date potato (ker. 2.2.15-ide) on a HP vectra VLi8 Cel. 466.
> I had to enable APM mainly to get the fan control working (and making the 
> machine very quiet) with append = "apm=on" in the lilo.conf file.
> I'm using the machine in X mode and everything is fine but if I let it go in 
> suspend mode with a text console, I loose keyboard control and I can't get 
> back to X mode (Alt-F7). The only way I found to get control is to reboot
> with 
> a network connection since the system itself keeps on running.
> Any clue ?

not all apm bios' are supported fully with apm.

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