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Re: qmail

On Wed, Jun 07, 2000 at 07:48:58AM -0700, Jay Kelly wrote:

> I thinking of switching over to qmail from sendmail and wanted to know if I
> install it with apt-get install? 

You need to slow down, and you need to do the following:

1) Realize that this list is not a help-desk. All you do is post questions,
usually with insufficient information. When you are successful at getting
something to work, post your results so others can have it available. I for
one still don't know how you solved your 'telnet localhost 25' problem!

2) Since your Windows machine does seem able to send mail, learn how to copy
files from Linux onto a floppy, or learn how to mount a Windows partition in
Linux (if they're on the same machine) so you can post *complete*
information. This bounced email is a case in point. You posted a snippet
yesterday, and even less of a snippet today!

As for the mail problem, I suggested to you offlist last night that you try
the *correct* name of pacbell's SMTP host in sendmail.cf as a 'smart host'.
I stil don't know if you tried that because I didn't hear back from you!
Look in your Windows config for this server name.

Look, you have gone through exim, and now sendmail. Qmail isn't going to
solve your problem! 

Get used to being confused (we all are). Do some more reading. Try the LDP.
Stick to one problem at a time. You can't send mail but you want to work on
ipchains? I don't think so...slow down.

If you wish, send me (personally) the ENTIRE bounce message you received,
with all its headers, and send me your ENTIRE sendmail.cf file. And figure
out where your Windows install is sending its mail and try using that

Bob Bernstein
at                          http://www.ruptured-duck.com
Esmond, R.I., USA

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