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Installation problem

Hey everyone!

I was trying an install on a system that is dual bootable.  I receive a
Kernel puke near the end of the install.  Here's how my system is setup:

Partition 1 = NTFS boot disk
Partition 2 = Fat16 boot disk  (Active partition)

I log into Win98 on partition 2 and then shut down to MS DOS.  I then run

I am trying to install Linux to my Partition 2, but it appears as though the
Kernel is pissed off because it can't find a boot disk where it is looking.
How do I get the kernel to look somewhere else?

For instance - When I installed dragonlinux I was able to change the boot
drive in the install script from hda1 to hda2 and that worked.

Thanks in advance!


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From: Shane Wegner [mailto:shane@cm.nu]
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Subject: Excluding a directory with dump(8)

Hi all,

I am having trouble figuring out how to exclude an entire directory in a
filesystem dump using dump(8).  Dump appears to only have an exclude inode
option.  The manpage says that one can use stat to find the inode numbers of
files and directories.  However, when I stat a directory and pass the inode
number to dump -e, there is no noticable result.


Shane Wegner: shane@cm.nu
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