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unable to start X after upgrade to potato

I have recently upgraded to potato, and after doing so, I can no
longer open an X session, either from xdm or from startx. The version
is 3.3.6-6. 

At boot time, the last two lines of the messages generated
by the boot process are:

"Checking for valid XFree86 Server configuration...unable to check
Not starting X display manager"

If I try to start with "startx", I get the following message:

XSession: unable to start X sessions: no /path/.xsession found, no
window managers, and no terminal emulators found.

I have rerun xf86config. I have looked over all the related problems
which have shown up on this list over the last week or so, and none of
the fixes to other problems work for me.

I'm lost or stuck, and I need X for my work, so any help will be
appreciated. Thanks,


Peter Mickle

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