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How to find a package containing a given executable

I do this from cron every night:

#! /bin/bash
cd /usr/local/fromDebian
wget -o LOG-unstable-contents $DEBIAN/unstable/Contents-i386.gz
mv Contents-i386.gz Contents.unstable.gz

Then I could do
	zgrep gvim /usr/local/fromDebian/Contents.unstable.gz
or the like to answer the question "where does gvim come from?"


Moore, Paul writes:
 > Hi,
 > One of the most common queries I have with the Debian packaging system,
 > which I don't know how to make, is to search for the name of the package(s)
 > which install a given file or files. For instance, the most recent such case
 > I have was looking for the gvim executable. As it happens, this is provided
 > by vim-gtk, but that isn't obvious.
 > Clearly, on an installed file, I can use dpkg -S, but what about looking for
 > where I install something from?
 > If there isn't a simple tool to do this (or even if there is!) is there a
 > more structured or navigable list of what packages do what in Debian (no,
 > dselect doesn't qualify, IMHO)?
 > Paul.
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