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world clock

Richard Black wrote ("world clock"):
> Hi all
> does any one now of an X clock that can be set to a particular time
> zone?  I would love to be able to show concurrently two or three clocks
> with the times in different countries.

Any clock should do the trick, if you set the "TZ" variable
appropriately.  Try the "tzselect" command, and then start your clocks
(from the root menu, .xsession, whatever) with command lines like

TZ='Atlantic/South_Georgia' oclock -title "South Georgia" &
TZ='America/New_York' oclock &
TZ='Indian/Reunion' oclock &

This will use timezone information from /usr/share/zoneinfo; these
(compiled) files include offsets and Daylight Savings Time
information, so it's well worth using them.

The clock in the "swisswatch" package has a complex set of X resources
which allow multiple hands on the same face, and a "phase"
property that's intended for timezone offsets.  If you use that,
though, you won't get the advantage of the zoneinfo data.


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