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Re: Debian 'crashes'

Hello Michiel,

On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, Michiel Meeuwissen wrote:

> It seems that a way to accomplish this is running apt-get upgrade,
> netsape and seti at the same time, in my computer (potato, PIII 500 64
> Mb).

On Netscape's webpage they strongly recommend at least 64 Mb of RAM for
use of Netscape with Linux. So if you run Netscape AND another
resource-eating program on a 64 Mb machine, you can expect high loads, at
least at startup.
Don't know why Netscape is more resource-eating on Linux than on
Windows, but I would be strongly interested in that issue.

> What can be done about this? Does there exist some 'memory quota'
> mechanism? I would e.g. like to see that netscape processes never take
> more than 50 Mb of memory. 

You can change the nice-level of programs (man nice), then they will leave
more of the system resources for other processes, but this will slow down
the speed of the program. I don't think this is practical in case of

> Or perhaps there exist some program which
> starts shooting of non essential processes (like those of *(@$&(!
> netscape) when the load gets higher than 15 or 20 or so?

Simpler solution: Don't start Netscape if you don't really, really need


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