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mysql question..

Hi all,
I have just installed php3 which seams to be working fine then php3-mysql
on a Debian 2.2 system. I then downloaded and installed keystone-0_71_02.
I configured the keystone.conf file correctly I believe and the main
index.php3 page displays fine.

The problem is after I enter the Username and Password I get the following

Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function mysql_pconnect() in
./mysql.php3 on line 15

Line 15 is as follows: (also see below..)
if (! mysql_pconnect($dbhost,$dbuser,$dbpasswd)) {

The keystone FAQ states that this is likely due to either an old php3 or
that I dont have MySQL support compiled in. Since I have a current php3
version and I have php3-mysql this doesnt sound right. Does anyone have
any suggestions? Am I missing something here?


Full function:
function db_connect($target) {
  global $dbhost,$dbname,$dbuser,$dbpasswd,$server,$port,$options,$tty,$conn;
    if (! mysql_pconnect($dbhost,$dbuser,$dbpasswd)) {

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