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Re: fetchmail with ssh

On Sun, Jun 04, 2000 at 09:02:01PM -0700, wtstacey wrote:
> I'd like to get fetchmail to retrieve my mail after I login to my ppp
> account, so I can read mail offline. I tried to get fetchmail to pop my
> mail (without ssh) with this rc file:
> 	set daemon 300  # Poll at 5-minute intervals
> 	set logfile .fetchlog
> 	poll hostname.org protocol POP3 username USERNAME password XXXXXXXX
             ^^^^^^^^^^^^ I take it this is not the real mail server.

> but I get this in the log file:
> 	fetchmail: starting fetchmail 4.6.4 daemon
> 	fetchmail: 4.6.4 querying hostname.org (protocol POP3) at Sun Jun  4
> 	16:51:08 2000
> 	fetchmail: fetchmail: POP3 connection to hostname.org failed: Connection
> 	refused
> 	fetchmail: terminated with signal 15

My guess is you have the wrong mail server name.  A typical ISP might
have a server named 'mail.isp.net'.  If that's not it, check your
username and password and make sure ~/.fetchmailrc is chmod 600.

My .fetchmail looks like:
poll mail.isp.net
protocol pop3
timeout 60
username <there> is $USER here
password <get your own!>

<snip ???>

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