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Q: What's the min install option for X?


I'm going to be making the move from Mandrake, which I've pretty much
figured out, to Debian soon. I'd like to know if in Slink/Potato I go
with one of the pre-selected install packages (if so, which) or with
custom (again, if so, which) to get the following:

1. A basic OS install with man, help, GCC compiler to compile the
kernel, du, etc.
2. A standard X install ath the X configuration tools.
3. Optional (I can add later) basic X apps as xcalc, xman, xclock,
xterm, etc.

With that installed, I can then add the few remaining apps I use, like
Gimp, ImageMagick, Ical, etc  using dselect.

Thanks. Answers are a big help.


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