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Re: rsync

Tom Furie wrote:
> On Wed, May 31, 2000 at 05:19:28PM +0200, Allan Andersen wrote:
> > rsync -av ftp.sunet.se::pub/os/Linux/distributions/debian/dists/potato/
> > /home/ftp/linux/distributions/debian/dists/
> This line should be enough since from the man page:
>    -a, --archive
>           This is equivalent to -rlptg. It is a quick way  of
>           saying  you  want  recursion  and  want to preserve
>           everything.
>           Note: if the user launching rsync is root then  the
>           -o (preserve uid) and -D (preserve devices) options
>           are also implied.
> Also, you probably don't want to use the verbose option if running from
> cron unless you are redirecting output.

Thank you very much. The script is working now.


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