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Re: OT: dial-up -> leased line

On Thu, 01 Jun 2000 01:15:12 +0300, Lehel Bernadt writes:
>I'm thinking on switching from a dial-up connection to a leased line. Is there
>anything special my modem (3com usr 56k ext) has to know to do this (ie. to de
>al with the differences between a normal telephone line and the leased one) ?

Well, most dialup-modems aren´t able to deal with a dry copper pair (which I
assume will be your leased line). Certain USR/3COM are capable of handling
this, the only one I know for sure is the Courier though...

So you may want to doublecheck if your modem can handle this (www.3com.com?).
Also note that you will never get more than 33k6 over dry copper with that
sort of cheap modems (there´s no ISDN-counterpart for achieving V.90 or the

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