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Re: Potato install question--Configure Device Driver Modules

On Tue, 30 May 2000, Ron Stordahl wrote:

> When doing 'Configure Device Driver Modules' under 'misc' I find
> "parport          - (No description available)"
> "parport_pc   - PC-style hardware"
> Seems likely the later would be the typical parallel port at x'0378' irq 7.
> If so it would not be so hard to say so seems to me.
> But what is 'parport' (No description available)?
> A little more information at this point would be very helpful.

"parport" gives you basic parallel port support, everyone with a
parallel port in their box probably wants this.

"parport_pc" should also be selected if you are running an Intel based
box (or some SPARCs, IIRC), presumably it will handle any quirks
specific to those hardware architectures.

"serial" is the standard serial port driver.

Yes, it would be nice if there were better docs available.
Unfortunately, the best way to get the info you want is by downloading
the kernel source and reading the docs and comments in the code for the 



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