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Re: system clock workaround

Quoting Guentcho Skordev (ut13@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de):
> I have a similar but yet another problem. The battery of the clock is old,
> and the clock is wrong if the power was off.

Can you not fit a new battery? Usually you can just plug the new one
into the mobo without removing the old one. (It's usually a four-pin
stretch of jumper pins, with the battery connecting to the outside pins.)

> But I still don't know what to do if the connection fails (and sometimes it
> happens). The only solution is to set the time somewhere manually, but is
> there a way for this to be done earlier than logging in? 

Perhaps you could get in the habit of pressing Del (or F1 or F2)
when you boot, and setting the CMOS clock. Beware, the next stage
in battery drain may be for the mobo to keep dropping the entire
CMOS contents, so it may be worth checking you have an up to date
listing of your configuration.


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