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Vitux wrote:
> T wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> > I have just finished installing the debian base system on my 386sx, which has a 170 meg hd and 8 meg of memory.  I am brand new to linux/unix.  I need some help.  I have been on your site for about an hour and have not found any help yet.  My 386 is not on the net.  How do i download packages fromthe net on this computer and transfer them to my 386?  I tried one called"nethack_3.2.3-3.deb".  I have no idea of how the command system works on linux?  I copied this file to a floppy disk (dos format).  I tried dselect and the floppies selection, but it would not work.  I tried using dpkg, but what command do i put in for the floopy drive:
> >
> > i.e.   a:/nethack_3.2.3-3.deb
> >
> > Could you plese give me some help, or tell me where i could find some.  I have read the debian users guide ed2 chapter on dpkg, and i understand how it works, but i still dont' know how to access the A:
> >
> > HELP!
> >
> > Thanks in advance
> > Scott.
> >
> > ___________________________________________________
> Welcome to Debian!
> I think you're in for a rough time. *nix is soo much different
> from dos. (recently a newbie myself).
> You're in for a bit of reading, I suppose.
> What I did was get a quite general book on unix, just to get
> the general feel of it, and learn some basic commands.
> The first floppy-drive in linux is called /dev/fd0, but due to
> the nature of the filesystem, you need to mount it somewhere
> before you can access it. Try "mount -msdos /dev/fd0 /mnt/"
> (while logged in as "root").
> As for installing the system; IMHO by far the easiest way to
> get you a functioning system is to connect your puter to a
> modem and download the lot using apt/dselect. If want to
> install the packages one by one using floppies, you're in for
> about a week's work and loads of trouble tackling
> dependencies. (tried it myself without success!)
> The base system from the diskettes is able to get on the net
> to ftp the lot.
> hth
> Vitux
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> "I'm not a crook"
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sorry, forgot to include the list...

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