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Re: GDM vs KDE

also the gnome enviornment is just that, an enviornment, it runs on top of
X, so your question should be how do you configure X to run gnome when it
starts.  someone responded to your mails saying to install
'task-gnome-session', i suggest you do that and it should install the
software you need, then use gdm/kdm to login.

or ask the list what to put in /etc/X11/window-managers or ~/.xinitrc
(read when you load X) to load gnome when you use 'startx'.  


On Sun, 28 May 2000, Jay Kelly wrote:

neutec >Is a real big defference between GDM and KDE? What who should I be using?
neutec >Also how do I start Gnome from the console? With X I used "startx" whats the
neutec >command for Gnome?
neutec >Thanks Guys
neutec >
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