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RE: easy configue www server package

The easiest for me was to download the source for apache 1.3.12 from
www.apache.org.  Then get mod_frontpage from www.freshmeat.net to get
Frontpage 2000 support.  If you are looking for easy, this is pretty
straight forward.  You can do regular publish from Frontpage rather than
FTP.  There are other ways, but this one worked for me.

I also recommend Maximum Linux.  This new bi-monthly magazine has a whole
section dedicated to setting up an apache server.


Paul McHale
   Work:   937-253-7610          Double E Solutions
   Mobile: 937-371-2828          4912 Effingham
   Fax:    413-215-3232          Dayton, Ohio 45431

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> I want to setup intranet server for a small office,
> which easy configue is recommand?
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