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Re: SMB Printing

after about 3 hours of playin with it i got the smbprint script to
work(part of the problem was the printer didnt like the laserjet filter so
im using a postscript filter now) i can do

cat filename | smb-printredir-ascii

and it prints..

if i try to set it up through lprng i get an error:

IF filter msg - 'Make_passthrough: pid 6305, execve
'/bin/smb-printredir-ascii' failed - 'Exec format error'' at
2000-05-25-12:32:21.126 ## identifier=root@ip- 97+302 number=302
IF filter problems, error 'JABORT' at 2000-05-25-12:32:21.126
## identifier=root@ip-197+302 number=302 process=6304 subserver pid 6304
exit status 'JABORT' at 2000-05-25-12:32:21.129 ## identifier =<NULL>
number=0 process=6303
job 'root@ip-197+302' error 'aborting operations' at
2000-05-25-12:32:21.129 ## identifier=root@ip-197+302 number=302
process=6303 removing job 'root@ip-197+302' - ABORT at
2000-05-25-12:32:21.130 ## identifier root@ip-197+302 number=302

to simplify things the script is currently(/bin/smb-printredir-ascii:



echo " `date` : server $server, service $service, filter $filter_name" >>

( echo "print -" 
/var/lib/apsfilter/filter/$filter_name ) | \
/usr/bin/smbclient "\\\\$server\\$service" -N -P >> $logfile

and my printcap:

ascii|PS_800dpi-letter-ascii-mono|PS_800dpi ascii mono:\

lp|lp2|PS_800dpi-letter-auto-mono|PS_800dpi auto mono:\

im running potato with lprng 3.6.12-5, again i can use the smbprint script
fine but lprng rejects it for some reason, and i cant find any more
detailed info then the above from ascii.status

any other ideas ??

thanks for the help im halfway there :)


On Thu, 25 May 2000, Radim Gelner wrote:

radim. >I'm using a similar setup as you, with the difference, that I add an
radim. >apsfiter into the whole thing. I have had some troubles setting up
radim. >smbprint script so I have written another one. It's stored under
radim. >/bin/smb-printredir. I'm sending it to you together with my
radim. >/etc/printcap and /var/spool/lpd/ljet4-a4-auto-mono/config.
radim. >
radim. >Good luck
radim. >
radim. >Radim
radim. >

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