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Re: OT. Debian w/s in schools - info needed.

Message from Lindsay Allen at 23/05/00 09:54:58PM:
> I'm a very inexpert sysadmin who assists at a local school.  We have a
> Debian box now for mail, squid, modem server and so on and they are very
> receptive to the idea of running Linux workstations and eventually
> breaking away from you-know-who.
> Possibilities:
>   Booting Debian from the server.
>   Home DIRs on a Debian/Samba box.
>   Home DIRs on a straight Debian box.
>   Using NFS mounted applications.  (Star Office etc.)
>   Using X in lieu of NFS and running things on the server.
> All this is way outside my experience so I really could use some help.
> Can anyone give me some URLs for information on how to set things up, or
> people to talk to?
> Lindsay

In my school, we keep the home dirs on a NFS server (which, incidentally, 
doesn't allow logins) and the autofs options to mount home directories
"on the fly".  We also use NIS+ to keep all of our user data in line, 
which makes it alot easier.  I would not suggest using NIS+ though, 
because Debian support is not good at this time.  NIS works good, but 
is an insecure protocol.  Possibly look into OpenLDAP w/SSL for username
lookups? (We're looking into that ourselves lately).  Here, we found it 
easier to install all the applications locally with apt-get.  After I 
finish the first station, I put an image (dd | bzip2 -) up on the 
network and then use my specialized version of tomsrtbt to image the 
systems from a NFS mount. 

Hope this helps.
Michael Janssen - Jamuraa
janssen@cns.uni.edu - jamuraa@equitar.cx

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