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Re: RFC - corel installation


Want to report I had a computer built to dual boot NT and Corel Linux. We
gave each OS its own drive. In selecting components we reviewed Corel's
list of supported hardware and selected only those listed, with the
exception of a Matrox G400. We are both basically Windows folks. The
install went extremely well.

We have had some minor issues subsequently, which had already surfaced on
Corel and OneList newsgroups, so we have had most of the solutions readily
available. I will be having some networking issues, but hopefully these too
can be solved.

My guess is that for starters a complete, maintained ... up to date,
hardware compatibility list would be invaluable.

>From there, I suspect that .... assuming the target group for the distro
are currently primarily windows users and total newbies ... that having the
OS and applications preinstalled would go a long way. Further, there is
probably a need for information as a part of ads (to point out the improved
stability, the built in enhanced security and the reduced risk of attack by
computer virus's) in addition to the beneficial pricing. There is also a
need for identifiable sources of training (courses, books, videos) and
local support.

IMHO Linux is a far better OS and the motivations of the people developing
and offering it are sterling, particularly as compared to the currently
pervasive alternative.


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