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Re: scsi disk question: u2w vs. uw

On Tue, 23 May 2000, John Gould wrote:

> Sorry, but this is rubbish! The SCSI controller will have no effect on the
> disk rotational velocity. However this is not what the poster asked! If
> you put an Ultra 2 wide on a non wide channel the transfers will be eight
> bits at a time instead of 16, i.e. half the speed, but it will work
> fine. Some cards like the AHA2940UW have a wide and a narrow channel, if
> the Ultra wide disk is put on the UW channel and the Ultra disk is on the
> standard channel there will be no effect on performance.
> HTH JohnG

On a somewhat related note.. I have a 2940UW.  Can I use a 50 pin Ultra2
drive on the 50 pin Narrow channel?  I know I wouldn't get U2 speeds, but
the 50 pin narrow channel is all I have to use.  68 pin UW is too
expensive and hard to find these days.  I can find 50 pin Ultra2
18 gig drives for pretty cheap.  Thanks.


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