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Re: scsi disk question: u2w vs. uw

By default the SCSI card will slow the rpm to the slowest hard disk ie..
if you have one disk at 10000rpm and one at 7200rpm both hard disks will
be at 7200 rpm

---- "John F. Davis" <davis@skink.net> wrote:
> Hello
> This is not a Debian linux question per se, but I
> know someone on this list will know for sure.
> Can you mix scsi disks on a Adaptec 2930u2 adapter
> and not have the slower disk slow down the faster one?
> I.e, I have a computer which currently has a u2w disk
> with a u2w card and I want to know if I will get
> a performance hit if I add a regular uw disk to the
> same scsi channel.  The card does not have two channels,
> so if I add the second disk it has to be on the same
> channel as the original disk.
> JOhn
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