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Re: Help: Netgear or Linksys NIC's? Please?

Didi Damian wrote:
> * montefin <montefin@finux.com> [21-05-2000 07:42 PM -0600]

> > I'm having an SDSL connection installed the first week of June. I will
> > need to have network cards in both my computers. I am told the installer
> > will take care of the rest while installing a Flowpoint 2200 DSL Router.
> > I have never had nor installed a network card in any computer. I have
> > received recommendations on two:
> >
> > 1.) Netgear's FA310TX 10/100 PCI RJ45 NIC NIC
> This is one of the cards I have in this PC. Always worked like a charm
> with the tulip module. I mostly compiled it in the kernel. I've used
> this card for my cable modem side since the 2.0.36 kernel and never had
> any problem with it. Installation should be only a matter of choosing it
> from the adapter list during the initial network configuration. As a matter
> of fact, on this box, I installed potato from the network via this card.

Thanks, Didi, that is the card I'm leaning toward, too..

> Potato currently *is* 'frozen'.

Didi, and Ray Olszewski in an earlier message, I stand corrected. I've
been doing 'apt-get dist-upgrade' for two weeks to the ../debian potato
main etc. instead of ../debian/frozen main etc. thinking I was getting
newer stuff. DOH!

But a big thanks to whoever got that pam package fixed so quick the
other day!


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