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Re: PCI 128...

>>>>> "David" == David Henningsson <diwic@davidh.df.lth.se> writes:

    David> Okay, so I continue to try to get my PCI128 working.

 I had trouble with the kernel drivers for the PCI128.  I tried the
 `alsa' modules from Debian, and those did not work either.  I ended
 up useing CVS to get the latest `alsa' drivers from the developers,
 and after following the instructions to build and install them, it
 works fairly well now.  See if you can figure out how to
 that... search for "alsa" on the net, and follow the clickers...

 It may well be that the latest version of the alsa modules in Woody
 (unstable) will function fine.  I have not tried them lately.

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