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Re: Konfucious (KDE2 beta1)?

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:

> On 12-May-2000 Bart Szyszka wrote:
> >> > Any word yet on DEBs of Konfucious (KDE2 beta1)? When is something going
> >> > to
> >> > be done about the fact that there are always RPMs of something released
> >> > before
> >> > there are DEBs?
> >> most KDE people are not debian users or developers.  So they make packages
> >> for
> >> what they use.
> >
> > Of all the GNOME and KDE programs I've kept track of, I can't personally name
> > any
> > where the DEBs were made before RPM.
> >
> GNOME is some 70% RH.  KDE is mostly Caldera and SuSE with some RH.
> For what it is worth, Ivan Moore is getting Debian changes into the KDE cvs, if
> you grab all of the source, you can build your own debs.  I am experimenting
> with this now.  I have also mailed him to see if we can get a cron'ed KDE
> compilation.  But the easy answer is simply that people on the actual
> development teams are not debian people.

And also, it isn't a race.  Plus, face facts, for better or for worse, far more
people use RPMs than use DEBs.

Bart's suggestion is the best of all.  Learn how to create DEBs from the source
tar balls [HINT:  learning is healthy and it's not ver hard] and then tell the
rest of us where we can get 'em from you.


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