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Re: a question re "netstat" output

On Sun, May 07, 2000 at 01:20:35AM -0700, Eric G . Miller wrote:
> Those would be the port numbers methinks. If I'm not mistaken, it'd be
> typical to establish a connection to a web server on port 80, but the
> data transfers would go over a high port. Otherwise you'd only be able
> to have one client connected to the server at any given point in time.
> But I could have that all wrong.

The first part is correct, the second not.

A socket is a unique pair of (IP,port) pairs.  So you could only have
one connection to www.example.com:80 from client.example.net:6363... 
but you could also have a connection from client.example.net:6364, as
well as from foo.example.org:6363 or anything else.

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