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Re: your mail

On Sun, Apr 30, 2000 at 03:57:37PM +0300, Sahap Kayhan wrote:
> I am using Windows98. I want to learn and try Linux system. What can
> I do? I am waiting for your explanation messages. Thanks.

Along with other suggestions, I'd strongly recommend you either find
local training/education in Linux (offered through many Linux user
groups, community colleges, etc.), and/or pick up books such as:

  o Learning Debian GNU/Linux 
  o Running Linux
  o Linux in a Nutshell

...all published by O'Reilly & Associates (http://www.ora.com/).  

The first is available online at

Catalog price is $34.95, I've seen it frequently priced at $20 - $25.
It includes an installation disk.

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