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Re: mutt header strangeness

Ron Farrer wrote:
> Hey all;
> I have the following line in my .muttrc: 
> my_hdr X-Operating-System: `uname -a`
> For some reason all it reports is "Linux mustang 2.2.14" why? IMHO it should 
> be "Linux mustang 2.2.14 #1 Sat Jan 8 16:09:20 PST 2000 alpha unknown".

I think that the '#' is being interpreted as a comment at runtime. In
this email I used:

my_hdr X-Operating-System: `uname -a|sed -e 's/#/Number /'`

and it worked. Which means it ignores '#' inside command expansion,
but not the final value. Neat.

Mike Brownlow

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