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Re: set up cd-rw

 no, no.  i don't think i made it clear what i wanted.  i saw THAT setup program.  anybody who couldn't find that setup button you spoke up should be shot.  :).  i'm looking for a text based setup program.  i can't use xcdroast's.  for some reason, it's not showing my cd-rw device, i can't get it to list anything.  i'm assuming it's basing it's choice from the setup util that i ran when i first installed the group (mkisofs,cdrecord, xcdroast, and a few other things).  this setup util was fired up right after i used dselect to install everything.  anyone know what i'm talking about? thanks jerr

On Sun, 30 Apr 2000 12:48:03   Kenneth Scharf wrote:
>There is a setup button in the opening menu of
>xcdroast.  click on it, make your changes, and press
>the save button!  (If it were a snake it would have
>bit you!
>i'm having bit of a problem.  when i first installed
>(including cdrecord and mkisofs)) with dselect, it ran
>me through a little setup 
>for the cd-rw device and my cdrom.  i had to pick
>which drives i had 
>and name
>them.  unfortunately, i picked the incorrect drives
>and i didn't name 
>my cd-rw model.  so i can't pick a device in xcdroast.
> can anyone tell 
>me how i can run this setup again?  i'm having a bit
>of trouble finding 
>searched the man pages.   and i haven't been able to
>find anything at 
>the home pages for these utils.  i would have mailed
>the dude
>who wrote these, but i wasn't sure if deselect kept
>things arranged a 
>tad differently then originally intended by the
>creator.  thanks for any 
>help. jerry
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