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Re: how to burn from iso file in xcdroast

>I just went through this a couple of days ago.  The
>commandline is:
>cdrecord -v speed=8 dev=0,0 <file>
>Speed & dev probably will be different on your box. 
I >found this was 
>much easier than doing it with xcdroast.
>Someone had mentioned that by just changing the
>extension from .iso to 
>.raw, then xcdroast would be able to write it ok.  I
>haven't tried it 

Thanks.  I figure out how to get xcdroast to work
though.  In the write cd menu I enter the actual file
name and path in the drop down box.  I guess it only
displays the names of files with a .raw extension

Since xcdroast doesn't have a check box for 80 minute
(700mb) disks, or support speeds of 10x or 12x (yet)
it may be time to download the source and make some
custom mods.  I would also modify the drop down box to
display both .raw and .iso files.  (of course debian
maynot have the latest version so maybe I should
download the latest source from upstream first)

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