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Re: Mouse not working in X

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Ingram <richardingram@mindspring.com> writes:

    > Hi, I'm using the out of the box VALinix/SGI/Gnu Debian at work,
    > I installed X and it will not work with the logitech mouse, you
    > have to play with gpm and X and get the right combination, I
    > installed it at home about 3mnths ago and got my Logitech
    > trackball working OK. Trouble is I have forgoten what it was I
    > did and I need to know, I would boot up my machine at home but I
    > have since changed my graphics card and need to reinstall Debian
    > as it auto boots into X. I'm sure I found the solution on the
    > web somwhere but it seems to have gone. Anyone know the correct
    > solution, is it gpm -R and /dev/gpmdev in X or somesuch ?

I think the answer for you, if I understood you question, is to point
/dev/mouse to /dev/gpmdata, and point XF86Config to /dev/mouse.  Or
you can point XF86config to /dev/gpmdata directly.  I think you have
to make gpm repeat in "raw" mode so the information from the mouse
isn't being filtered twice.

Hope that helps


    > Thanks for any help.

    > Richard.

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