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Re: samba's /etc/samba/cmb.conf -- empty?

There's a pretty good walk-thru ("newbieized help file") on configuring Samba at:


Give it a try.

* w trillich <will@pinncomp.net> [27-04-2000 06:12 AM -0500]
> i did the religious
> 	apt-get install samba
> and then
> 	apt-get install smbclient	# just for testing
> (even tho i'd done a full apt-get dist-upgrade, i still
> apt-get install things left and right that weren't selected..)
> and it complains about not being able to read /etc/samba/smb.conf
> and i can see why:
> there is none.
> i create a blank one via
> 	touch /etc/samba/smb.conf
> so at least 'testparm' doesn't choke, and 'smbclient' gets past
> the initial retch, on to whining about missing codepage 180 or so.
> with a bit-o-editing, smb.conf is now
> 	[homes]
> 	   path = /home/%S		# redundant but harmless
> 	   writeable = true
> but i gotta set the bios name and this and that and yada yada.
> so, wise folk, please direct me to a utility that creates
> such a monster (the smb.conf manpage is only 9000+ lines
> long, and i'd like to get SOME sleep this week)...
> its name is probably something sensible, like gribnif 
> or thipnoodler. (sambaconfig, while predictably-named, 
> is surprisingly predictable at creating a three-line 
> /etc/samba/debian_config instead of the thousands of
> lines that'll wind up in smb.conf.) and so i ask you
> knowledgable folk who've been down this path to shed
> a bit of light for me.
> if there's no create-a-'smb.conf'-utility, perhaps there
> are samples out there to start from?

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