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Re: new perl dependencies

   Hello Ian,

I ran into same problem last night during up update. Running potato now
and so I figured I would update a few times a week. Last night, it was
KDE for me. one screen then back to dependency back and fourth.
Finally, I used the "Q" to force it and it worked. Don't know much about
dselect, so I hope I didn't break anything in the process. Good luck!

On Fri, 28 Apr 2000, Ian Zimmerman wrote:
> When I run dselect last night, there was a bunch of important packages
> that had been upgraded.  One of them was perl-5.005-doc.
> I accepted all the suggestions, but when I was ready to exit selection
> mode and start downloading, I was thrown into a conflict/dependency
> screen with just perl-5.005 and perl-5.005-doc.  And no matter what I
> did, dselect threw me into that screen again and again.  I had to
> force my way out with an `x'.
> Everything seems to run for the moment, but I am shaken.  Is this some
> kind of circular dependency among the packages involved?  Can it be
> fixed? 
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