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RE: High load

Recent versions of netscape will slow a 16Mb system to a crawl.  How does the
system respond when you aren't running netscape?  What window manager
are you using?  What else are you running at the time.  Check you netscape
memory cache size.

I would be wiling to bet the problem lies in the (lack of) RAM.


On 28-Apr-2000 Suresh Kumar.R wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently installed a debian 2.1 on my machine which was earlier running
> redhat 5.2. (pentium 100MHz, 16mb ram). The machine becomes very very slow
> and unusable when I run netscape. I have dialup connection. The load
> average goes 100 and more. I have never seen load averages going above 2
> earlier with redhat installation. 
> I tried issuing top command to know who the culprit is. I could not find
> much sense from the listing. It showed multiple entries of syslogd.
> Any ideas on how to make the system useful ?
> Suresh
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